NSPAC School Ambassador Program

We're looking for partners in each school to work with the NSPAC Board.

Not a big commitment. Volunteer commitment is about 2 hrs/month and we'll facilitate through a Facebook group.

NSPAC Ambassadors are a group of parents that will work on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the NSPAC Board and the parent community in their school who have children on IEPs and 504s. The NSPAC Ambassador’s main job is to escalate any questions or concerns that are being discussed in a school parent forum related to issues of IEPs, 504s, ESY, Inclusivity, Administration, and Policy.

The NSPAC Ambassadors' duties include:

  • Escalate any issues or concerns bubbling up from the parent community within a school related to Special Education or services.

  • Join the NSPAC Ambassador Facebook Group to keep informed of topics to be distributed to and/or discussed within the school community.

  • Promote support for NSPAC events and speakers within the school community.

  • Provide information and knowledge to parents of how to navigate the district's Special Education Organization to receive support and get questions answered.

The NSPAC Ambassador position is an informal volunteer opportunity that should take no more than 2 hours of volunteer time per month.

Interested in learning more about becoming an Ambassador? Click here.

Ambassador Name School


Cami Aspesi Lincoln School

Sara Paquette Peaslee Elementary

Diane Bose Zeh Elementary

Vacant Proctor Elementary

Vacant Melican Middle School


Jessica Gallagher Finn Elementary

Johanna Sheyner Woodward Elementary

Deborah Wallace Neary Elementary

Alyssa Degon Trottier Middle School


Rebecca Tkachuk Algonquin High School