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Meetings may be impacted in the event of inclement weather, which results in an early school dismissal, delayed opening or school closing for the day.

2019-2020 Schedule

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October 16: "Autism and Insurance: What Families Need to Know." Presented by Terri Farrell, Project Director of the Autism Insurance Resource Center, UMASS Medical School's Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center. Northborough Library, 34 Main Street. 6-8 pm. Learn how to navigate the autism insurance world. (AIRC provides technical assistance to families, providers, and agencies in need of information on both public (MassHealth) and private insurance. More info can be found at https://massairc.org. RSVP required at nspac1@gmail.com.

November 4: Basic Rights: Transition Planning (for IEP students ages 14-22) presented by the Federation of Children with Special Needs. Northborough Library, 34 Main Street, 6-8 pm. This workshop will provide an overview of the transition planning process for youth with disabilities ages 14-22 on IEPs. Workshop topics include: What is Transition and Why is it Important; Legal Basis for Transition Planning; Student Vision, Self-Determination, and Self-Advocacy; Student and Parent's Roles; Transition Planning Form (TPF); Age of Majority; and Timelines, Resources and more! RSVP required at nspac1@gmail.com.

November 6: NSPAC General Meeting. Southborough Library, 25 Main Street, 10 am. Guest speaker: Attorney Amanda Mulhall. Topic: Special needs estate planning. Topics to be covered include: Guardianship-How to name guardians while your children are minors and whether it's appropriate after the child turns 18; Asset Planning-What is a Trust and what is the difference between a First Party and Third Party Trust; Supplemental Needs Trusts-How parents can ensure that their child remains eligible for government benefits; Pooled Trusts-An alternative option for families without substantial assets or who want a low cost professional Trustee; ABLE Accounts-How to put money away for your child's future without risking his or her eligibility for government benefits. RSVP to nspac1@gmail.com.

December 4: NSPAC General Meeting. Northborough Library, 34 Main Street, 10 am. Topic: Assistive Technology. District Speaker: Colleen Ferguson

January 8: NSPAC General Meeting (place and time to be determined)

March 4: NSPAC General Meeting (place and time to be determined)

April 14: Go the Distance Awards at Algonquin Regional High School cafe at 6 pm

May 6: NSPAC General Meeting (place and time to be determined)

June 3: NSPAC General Meeting. Elections and end of the year review.

June 17: NSPAC's Annual Combined School Committee Presentation at Algonquin Regional High School at 6 pm.

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