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Our officers may be contacted by emailing:  NSPAC1@GMAIL.COM

Cynthia Moore - President *

Veronica Fratta - Vice President *

Kathleen Spear Alfonso and Debra Roberts - Co-Treasurers

Ruth Reeve- Secretary *

*We are currently looking for individuals to share the President, Vice President, and Secretary responsibilities.


Send a blank email message to nspac-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
You will receive an invitation from the NSPAC yahoo group, and you must confirm your email address in order to be added. 

  • You will receive our monthly newsletter, announcements of NSPAC workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences, expos, etc. and events from other PACs in the local area.
  • You can post a message asking for support on a special education issue
  • You can share information on upcoming events or resources that you think would benefit anyone who cares for or teaches children with special needs in the district. 
Your name and email address is kept private and will not be used for any other purpose or email list.