• Liaisons will be reaching out to have collaborative conversations with families about schedules and delivery of services (in person vs. remote).

  • Confirm the timeline for service delivery notification. The district will be providing notification to family of the changes that you worked out in your conversations.

  • If you have concerns about the amount of time that your student was offered or not offered for additional in-person learning days, ask the liaison for a copy of the PL3, a form that was used to decide if students qualified for additional days.

  • This year, it will be critical to ensure that open and timely communications are happening between school liaisons and families. Have a discussion to confirm the type, content, and frequency of communication between school and home regarding your child's transition back to school, behaviors, school work.

  • Confirm the start date for your child's first day of In Person Learning at school.

  • For those student on IEPs who are assigned a 1 on 1 aide, discuss who is assigned and what the communication between the ESP and families will look like this school year.